Severe worn dentition: a full rehabilitation

How to
_ understand and identify the different etiologies of worn dentition
_ consider the risk of treatment and the risk of no treatment, and take the right decision
_ increase or not the VDO
_ motivate the patient with an appropriate esthetic project
_ choose the best materials
_ choose the best adhesive cement

The Académie du Sourire, in collaboration with Pr. Olivier Etienne, offers you a full Masterclass on two days:


_ Terminologies
_ Etiologies & global approach ; Prevalence – Classifications
_ Occlusal aspects (Vertical Dimension Occlusion, Intermaxillary relation, Centric relation, Maximum intercuspidal contacts)
_ Clinical approach of the VDO
_ Esthetic approach of the smile (esthetic analysis & project)
_ Temporization & clinical approach to therapeutic care (full mock-up, partial mock-up, bisacryl resins or preheated composites)
_ Preparations: veneerlays / overlays / partial crowns /360° veneers or bilaminar veneers
_ Ceramic and adhesives
_ Cementing procedures
_ Follow-up (bite splint, occlusion…)

DAY 2 (Hands-on workshop)

_ LIVE DEMO: JIG – bite registration / Facebow
_ Build of translucent silicone keys on the wax-up
_ Build of the posterior mock-up with preheated / flow composites
_ Build of the basically mock-up for the anterior region
_ Preparation of the veneerlays on molars
_ Preparation of the veneerlays on premolars
_ Preparation of 360° veneers for the incisive / canine region
_ Bisacryl temporization

LOCATION: CONTINUUM – 9 avenue Henri Malacrida 13100 Aix en Provence – FRANCE
SAVE THE DATE: 19 to 20 december 2019

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